I'm a London girl currently experiencing life in Melbourne. I moved here with the initial plan of staying a year and 18 months later I'm still here...

My last job in London was working for a small luxury retailer ,which I loved, however I've had to try a new industry over in Australia (blame the visas) so this blog is a way for me to stay in touch with the world of fashion.

Apart from spending a lot of time scouring the web and pouring over other bloggers I follow, I don’t know much about the art of blogging-but I intend on learning!

What will you find at Style, à la rob? Mainly a mixture of my shopping finds…outfit inspiration…and luxe loves. I’m also a bit of an exercise nut and believe in looking and feeling good on the inside as well as the outside so I’ll be posting any great links and articles on health, fitness and nutrition I find on the web too.

My style is fairly simple and I'm a big fan of great basics dressed up with stand-out accessories. Having said that, I'm hoping this blog will challenge me to mix it up a bit more and branch out with some new looks on the odd occasion. It's far too easy to stay in your comfort zone! 

I love luxury as much as the next girl and am a big believer in investment buys. However more often than not reality sets in which means I spend a lot of time satisfying my (self-confessed) fussy high standards on the high street.

While my heart lies with the British high street, I am loving seeking out the best of what's on offer in Australia and am definitely in the right spot for that in Melbourne.

I really hope you enjoy what you find and if you feel the urge, I would love to hear from you with any feedback or requests.

Catherine x

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