Monday, 3 August 2015

Let's get physical


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I usually like to try and spend some time on a Sunday prepping some food for the week so that it is easier to make healthy choices, however if you don't have time for that but still want to make sure you keep on track Mindful Chef is a great new discovery. They'll deliver ingredients for 3 delicious paleo meals for the week with easy to follow instructions.

My sister-in-law showed me this great site recently which offers out of date but still perfectly usable or edible healthy products. Winner.

Was after some summer shorts to make the most of sunny days and the chance to exercise outside a bit more and these from gap fit the bill perfectly.

I've followed Ali Maffuci on instagram for a while but for some reason it has taken me this long to actually make any of her recipes. Highly recommend them for quick, healthy dinner ideas during the week.

I've been using the Project Me bikini guide from Get The Gloss as a bit of a guideline for some new workouts and recipes - for £24.95 it's perfect to re-inspire you if you're sick of the same old workouts and recipes.

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