Monday, 17 March 2014

Let's get physical


Latest tips and articles on all things health, fitness and wellbeing from around the web.

Not one, but three delicious superfood recipes.

I feel like there is lots of talk about facial oils around at the moment, but which to choose? Natural skincare brand Black Chicken Remedies has done a round-up on which oils you should be using to suit your needs.

The benefits of introducing coconut oil to your cooking.

I used to tease my East London friends for their obsession with all things 'kicks'...might have to eat my words as I become more and more obsessed with owning a pair of these.

New fitness phenomenon The Skinny Bitch Collective is officially the hottest new place to whip your ass into action...and lucky for you (or not, depending on your view) they also offer online training if you aren't London based. Try if if you dare...the closes I've got to a session is watching snippets on owner Russell's Instagram. Inspiration is the first step right?

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