Monday, 10 February 2014

New season sampling - Part 1

Here's part one of what I'll mostly be wearing come Autumn time...

Seed Heritage boyfriend jeans, Witchery Eve heels, Country Road 74 print sweat, Country Road textured stitch knit, Seed Heritage Miranda heels, Seed Heritage ripped jeans, Seed Heritage reverse Terry Sweater

Not to be overly dramatic or anything but it can be a confusing time of year when the shops begin to stock upcoming season styles. While we're all sweltering in 40 degree heat stores are beginning to showcase winter knits and cosy layers. It doesn't stop me getting excited for what's to come though and after watching from afar as the UK get to indulge in this AW's gorgeous goodies, part of me begins to lust for cold days so that I can justify snapping up that fabulous coat or must-have-or-will-not-function-properly boots.

Wait I must though (it's a tough life), but in the meantime there's no harm in a little lust-list dreaming is there?

I should perhaps apologise for the duplicate brands...I tried to stick to Aussie labels that were available online and therefore the pickings were slimmer as I avoided some old faves like Zara, J Crew and Whistles.

Images via Pinterest
I love these images because (in my humble opinion) they are effortless but so sexy. Ripped jeans should theoretically be refined to a day of DIY and a chunky knit a night on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate. Yet depending on what you combine them with, you can take them from grunge to glam in a matter of just a couple of rocking accessories. Love. it.

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