Sunday, 26 January 2014

Back to basics

A lot of people consider simple to be the same thing as boring. I'm one to disagree with this because for me the simplest looks are often the ones that work the best. No fuss, no drama.

I love this outfit for the sheer lack of what is going on. Good quality vintage tee in just the right shade of grey? Check. Matched with a plain black skirt would normally be boring yes, but introduce another texture and instantly you have something a little more interesting. You can't see it too well in these photos but the skirt has a brocade effect detail to it which I love, and combined with the dropped hem and playful kick of fabric it takes this skirt from average to, well, above average.
J Crew Vintage tee, Zara skirt, Elms and King bag, Witchery flats

I've had my eye on the shoes for a while and when Witchery were doing a week of deals before Christmas I jumped at my chance to grab them at 25% off. They are white flecked leather with a strip of thick black elastic across the toe which might sound weird but with their gentle pointed toe they honestly make me feel amazingly elegant when I wear them (all in my head of course but who cares).

Add in my old faithful Elms and King Lexington bag in red (FYI now massively reduced if you're interested) for a pop of colour and you have a simple, fuss-free, chic look.

Boring to some, just right to me.

*And on the subject of Witchery shoes, the new AW collection has some seriously covetable pieces on offer. Next pay check I will be straight off to get the pointed black loafers with pony skin. *sigh*.

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