Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist

Whilst I'm not a fan of the last minute Christmas Eve dash to the shops, I can't admit to being the most organised Christmas shopper and I usually start panicking in the 2nd-3rd week of December when I madly start surfing the internet for inspiration.

Not to sound self-centered but it's not just ideas for other people that I am looking for either. I appreciate that I can be a little particular in my own choices so when it comes to other (very lovely) people perhaps wanting to choose a gift for me I know it can be a struggle for them. So in recent years I've ended up with some pretty precise 'Christmas Wishlist' ideas to try and combat said problem.

Here's a few things that I've got my eye on, maybe they'll help with your own wishlist or maybe you have someone as fussy as me to buy for...

*I'd like to add a disclosure at this point to allow for no consideration to be given to price-it's called a Wishlist for a reason...

Armani Sportivo watch
I've been dedicated to my Marc Jacobs gold Henry watch from the moment I got it. Five years on and I still get complements on it which is definitely the sign of a good investment. Recently though I've been itching for a change and I really love the idea of something two tone. Stubbornly avoiding the Marc Jacobs/Michael Kors route (sorry but too many people have them now), I am now lusting after this Armani option.

Nars gloss lip pencil
As someone who is a bit scared of lipstick this glossy lip pencil has been a great 'starter' product for me. Maybe it's because its a pencil rather than a lipstick but I don't feel as nervous about going wrong with it-I kind of feel like I'm just putting lip balm on. The Mexican Rose shade is a gorgeous hot pink colour and looks great with a simple slick of  mascara on sunkissed skin!

Vintage princess handbag
Along with an envelope clutch and a good quality tote, an oversized shopper is on my list of 'essential handbags' (I don't actually have a list but you know what I mean). This croc-leather one from Vintage Princess ticks all the boxes for me. Yes please Father Christmas.

Monica Vinader ring
Every time I look at this ring I can't help but imagine it on my hand (to be precise, on my middle finger next to my Laura Lee star ring and Laura Fantacci alphabet ring). I love the mix of modern shape and design with the classic, feminine diamonds. Plus if you're really lucky it'll be the first of many as it is part of the stacking collection from Monica Vinader.

Coffee table book
Featuring recipes from some of Melbourne's best restaurants, Flavours of Melbourne is part-restaurant guide part-recipe book and makes a great gift for any foodie or visitor to Melbourne. Everybody loves a good coffee table book right?

Leopard print espadrilles
I already own (and live in) the black and white leather Ava espadrilles from Seed but have had my eye on these leopard canvas pair for a while as well. I feel like I have to look after the leather ones and would love a pair of the canvas for a more relaxed day look. And yes, they are leopard print so purchase is essentially obligatory for me.

J Crew jewelled necklace
With the ability to instantly transform any outfit, a good statement necklace is a great investment. J Crew is the mecca of the statement necklace and if you're in the market for one it should definitely be your first port of call. They are pricey (remember wishlist) but even if you just start there for a bit of inspiration before trying to find your own, cheaper version-it's well worth a visit.

Smart key ring
I was given a Mcqueen skull key ring a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. A key ring can sound like a boring present but I love having a something a little bit special on my keys - a touch of luxury on an otherwise boring and everyday item. My kind of combo.

Art print
I think prints are a great present (either for yourself or someone else), there is something quite personal about someone choosing an image that they feel represents part of your personality or life. For me this print is so chic and exudes glamour and femininity (apparently what I'm aiming for?), it would be great hanging in the walk-in wardrobe I will one day own.

Luxe in-flight wash bag
I hate those little plastic bags you have to put all your lotions and potions in when you fly. They are fiddly and annoying to constantly reseal along those specific lines (oh woe is me). This transparent in-flight wash bag is a total luxury but how much nicer would it be pulling that out of your bag to go through security instead of something you normally put your leftovers in?

Barr Co. soap and hand cream
For some reason having nice soap and hand cream in the bathroom seems like such a luxury. Just like a delicious smelly candle, it's the kind of thing I think you never buy for yourself and is a real treat to be given. I love the hand cream from Barr Co so figure the hand wash will be just as good.

What about you? Do you have a Christmas Wishlist?

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