Sunday, 10 November 2013

Travel in comfort and style

I know to some people it might seem like a lot of unnecessary effort to plan a travel outfit, I have to (perhaps somewhat ashamedly) say I really think it's worth it.

I'm not saying lets all make like Victoria Beckham and aim to step off a plane looking like you have in fact just stepped out of the nearest beauty salon/Louboutin store, just...ya' know, don't look like Kesha either.

There are few things (in my book anyway) that have the power to instantly make you feel a million times more groomed and presentable than you actually are; a great hair-cut, a great blow-dry, a new manicure, a good quality handbag, the perfect trench coat. It's sort of a placebo effect; nothing much has actually changed but you somehow feel more put-together, more confident and more in-control.

In my view, making a bit of effort with travel clothes has the same effect. Get on a plane wearing your boyfriend's trackies, an old hoody and your runners and however many hours later you'll probably step off feeling tired and a bit manky. Get on a plane wearing a bit of good knitwear, a pair of your favourite jeans (with stretch or slouch-let's not forget the unforgiving airplane bloat!), a lightweight scarf and some decent flats and you're more likely to step off feeling tired, but ready to face the world.

You don't need to try too hard-simple is always best, but like I say, it's worth that bit of extra time and effort.

Topshop black knit, Seed nudie jeans, hush scarf
Similar to the power of a good handbag, if you ever get the chance to indulge in some good luggage I would highly recommend it! Italian brand Brics is my favourite; it's smart, light, good value and you won't get it muddled up with the hundreds of other black wheelies coming off the carousel.

Brics micro-suede trolley carry-on, Seed leopard sandals (from last year but these varca-style ones from the news season are also great)

Here are some of my top 'travel in comfort and style' buys.

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