Sunday, 3 November 2013

Stripes are always a good idea

I've been trying to fit in as much travel as possible while I'm living in Melbourne and am doing pretty well at slowly crossing off some must-see destinations in Australia. Most recently that included a blissful few days spent relaxing on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays. I'm not sure what my expectations were before arriving on the island but whatever they were, they were far exceed from the moment we arrived.

Atmos&Here striped tshirt dress (other options here, here and here)

There is something immediately calm-inducing about stepping off a plane straight onto the tarmac of a tiny airport with little more than a kiosk on offer and being hit by that unique feeling of a warm, tropical breeze. You know that you're leaving behind all the stresses of everyday life and arriving somewhere that manages to make real life seem like a distant memory-and there are few better feelings in my book!

For me, holiday style is all about comfort. Days are spent in swimmers and denim cut-offs while evenings, weather permitting, are about light summer dresses that can be chucked on after a shower with as minimal effort as possible. For me, one such item is this blue and white striped dress from Atmos&Here (bought on The Iconic).

I've actually been after something like this for a couple of summers now, but always shied away because let's face it, there isn't much room for a fat day in a tight t-shirt dress! However after stumbling across the brand accidentally on the search for some basic tees, I fell in love with the simplicity (and price) of this number and figured I would give it a go. Thankfully for me, the fabric is fitted without being skintight and it has become a bit of staple in my wardrobe for days when I want to look like I've made an effort without actually doing so. Plus, if after a big dinner you don't fancy having your stomach on show, a lightweight knit is the perfect cover up, turning the dress into a chic little pencil skirt.

If in doubt, stripes are always a good idea.

Topshop knit jumper

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