Sunday, 1 September 2013

Seed Heritage Espadrilles

It's fair to say that when I set my heart on owning a certain item of clothing, it becomes my mission to find and own it. And if some well-meaning shop assistant foolishly utters the words 'sold out in your size' it only serves to add fuel to the flame. From that point on I will almost certainly be ringing every store (or getting said shop assistant to), scouring the internet and doing everything I can to find whatever it is I simply cannot live without.

Zara white blazer (similar here), ebay tshirt, Elms & King bag, Seed Heritage espadrilles

Occasionally the search can end in disappointment when after all the hype, whatever it is I'm after fails to live up to the expectations I have set so high. Not so recently however when my search for some espadrilles I saw on Instagram eventually ended in success.

I've always been a fan of espadrilles; they are comfy and perfect trailing-around-local-markets wear on a summer holiday. Most of my purchases have cost me around the 10 euro mark from said markets but once I saw these beauties from Seed Heritage, the budget went out the window.

The leather is buttery soft and I can already see myself living in them this summer. Each pair is hand made and have a leather sole so at $99 I actually don't think the price is too bad because theoretically they should last pretty well.

There is also a leopard print pair on offer which I was highly tempted by but in the end I decided I've seen better alternatives (like these from Kurt Geiger) so managed to control my urges (*pats self on back*).

While on my quest I came across another brand of espadrilles called Mint & Rose which I wanted to mention as I think they are fab. If I could find a local stockist (I've tried!) to try them on I might have even chosen them over the Seed ones. With a distinctly Chanel look about them, they look super chic and super comfy.

Seed Heritage Ava Leather Espadrilles
Mint Rose Espadrilles

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  1. Couldn't agree more! This is literally the story of my life!!! ... Actually went through the same hunt today to nab a pair myself, and so glad I found them in my size - I really had my heart set on them, and wouldn't rest until I had them in my hands!

    Lovely outfit and gorgeous post!

    Enjoy your Sunday!