Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Too early for shorts?

Oops too late...

I popped into Seed for a harmless browse at the weekend (actually that's a lie, I went to find a pair of shoes I know they are about to get in and I am mildly obsessed with-more on those another time) and somehow came out with a pair of summer shorts.

Seed Heritage floaty shorts

This seems to be a repeated habit of mine, come end of season I find myself itching for new looks and new inspiration and seeing as all the shops get everything in months before the temp actually changes, find myself with a fantastic summer wardrobe...mid-winter.

Oh well, nothing for it but to embrace the urge I say. Much better than waiting and then realising, with that sinking feeling, the item you've had your eye on has suddenly sold out.

So here they are, simple, black, chic, and stylish, I know I'll live in these come summer. I love the hidden drawstring waist which gives a bit of a 'paper-bag' effect with a looser fit leg - super flattering (as seen on the fabulous Miss Palermo).

I'll be wearing mine with a simple vintage tee, sunnies and espadrilles during the day or sparkly ballet's in the evening. I'll post an outfit pic once they are wearable, but for now I couldn't resist sharing.

Bring on the sun :-)

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