Friday, 16 September 2011

I do love a sequin...

For some reason I've always found myself strangely drawn to the allure of a pair of sparkly hot pants. Practical? No. Useful? No. Timeless? Hmmm perhaps....? I've never taken the plunge and bought a pair because apart from a fabulous New Year's Eve party or some kind of embellished circus fancy dress theme, I can't really see myself having the guts to try and pull them off. So without an infinite shopping budget there just never seems to have been a moment that justifies them.

However, I have just stumbled across these beauties on Topshop and I'm beginning to think it would be worth it just to see them twinkling in amongst my wardrobe everyday...

Topshop sequin shorts £40

Plus, they're midnight blue-who can resist midnight blue?

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